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I Love You: Please Make Offsite Backups

Every 6 months never fail a friend tells how sad they are that their hard drive crashed. When your hard drive crashes, what will you lose? Your kid’s pictures for the last ten years? Your taxes? That story you were writing? Your customer database? Your source code? What if your building burns down? Or if […]

Essential Windows Software

I just had a hard drive go bad on me so I had to buy a new drive and reinstall Windows. Here’s the software I put back on my computer immediately, the essential software that makes Windows XP useable for me: WizMouse – lets you scroll a window without you having to give it focus. […]

Lets Trade Backup Space

I pay for the Crashplan backup service and I’m quite happy with it. There is an option where you can backup to your friend’s computer for free. I’d like to trade backup space with a friend (you?) “just in case”. My backup is about 250 gig. I would happily trade about 250 gig on my […]

Let’s trade backup space

This is going out mostly to friends of mine… Would you like to be my backup buddy? I’ve been playing with it a bit now and I feel pretty good about it. We trade disk space on each others computers… we can’t see each other’s data, but it’s backed up nicely. And it doesn’t […]

Dead Hard Drive Advice

A friend wrote to me today about his failed hard drive: This weekend my laptop HD, a hitachi 250GB. suddenly stopped. While running disk warrior on it, it failed into the famed click of death. Would be very interested in recovering some of the data from it if you have any brilliant ideas. Here is […]

Crash Plan, Good Online Backup?

I heard on Security Now about Crash Plan. It looks like it might be an excellent online backup tool. I had been fiddling with the idea of using BoxBackup (local mention). But it was too much of a bother to set up (and limited to <2 GB files). Right now I use Mozy and I’m […]