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Colossus Images

Here are some images from the Colossus project. And a video clip. There will be lots more when it’s finished. Zachary Coffin – the artist Corbett Griffith – the chief engineer

Burning Man Profile

Megan, Abigail, and I are hoping to go to Burning Man this summer. This would be my first burn in 14 years, yow! As part of the application, they asked me to list the camps, groups, and projects I have been affiliated with. My answer: – 2004 My first burn, I offered a kava kava […]

Colussus at Maker Faire

6 years later, I helped Zach Coffin and friends bring Colossus out of storage and into the hearts of Maker Faire attendees. Previously

I Have Laryngitis

Ugh, I haven’t been able to speak in a normal voice since Friday afternoon! Friday evening my voice got hoarse. I figured it was from teaching all week and maybe a bug. Daniel Bauen, my friend from Colossus came through town so I talked to him with my froggy voice. I really shouldn’t have. It […]

SWARM at Techkriti, Kanpur India!

Along with 3 friends, I am will be presenting SWARM at the Techkriti Annual Technology and Entreprenurship Festival February 11-14th, 2010 in Kanpur India! Dr Jonathan Foote, Marnia Johnston, Niladri Bora and I will be exhibiting SWARM throughout the entire festival. On February 13th we will present our talk. We are greatly honored to be […]

NIMBY in Crisis

via Lady Bee on the Burning Man Artists-Announce mailing list, From Rachael I wanted to make sure everyone here had heard about the current crisis being faced by one of the main art spaces in the Bay Area.  An incredible amount of Burning Man art has been produced there.  Read the note below to learn […]


Update 9-15-08: “Gears are turning and plans for the relocation of NIMBY are in the works” on the NIMBY website! Update 4-13-11: NIMBY continues to rock! NIMBY is  was is an incredible space  for art. The place has ENERGY! I worked on Colossus there. I’ve got friends that work on art there, including the Dance […]

Installed Flexible Upload Plugin

WordPress 2.0 and 2.1 are peachy kean but one annoyance is the odd hard-coded thumbnail size. Thumbnails are fixed at 100 x 100 pixels or something like that. The Flexible Upload plugin lets you get past that silly limitation in the WP interface. So now I can specify silly tiny thumnails or gigantic, sumptuous thumbnails, […]

Building Big Art

what I’m working on now with the Flaming Lotus Girls Serpent Mother I helped build this last year with Zachary Coffin and Corbett Griffith Colossus What the Flaming Lotus Girls worked on last year Angel of the Apocalypse And the year before… Hand of God And the year before… The Seven Sisters

Burning Man

2008 short videos 2008 images 2007 – I was a big on SWARM. Check out this video. Zillions of Serpent Mother images 2006 Photos 2005 Photos 2005 Panorama shots – large, high resolution images Building Colossus Building Colossus Get the latest Flash Player to see this player. [Javascript required to view Flash movie, please […]