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Essential Windows Software

I just had a hard drive go bad on me so I had to buy a new drive and reinstall Windows. Here’s the software I put back on my computer immediately, the essential software that makes Windows XP useable for me: WizMouse – lets you scroll a window without you having to give it focus. […]

Way too many bookmarks

They say you can peer into a man’s soul by looking at his bookmark file. Well, have a gander. To me, it looks like the yearly booksale at the library of Alexandria. Unfortunately it’s impossible for you my dear reader to tell which links I use all the time and which ones I’ve only visited […]

TestTrack Pro 4

If you have TestTrack Pro 4 from Seapine Software, you might find the following useful. Change the email notifications as such and the emails will be in a much more readable format.

Way too many bookmarks

I have waay too many bookmarks in Firefox. Here they are. Some I use 20 times a day, some I haven’t touched in years. I’ll let you figure out which is which.

Mozilla Custom Keywords

This is a nice discovery. My first use for it is: Make a bookmark of “” Go into the bookmark properties and give it a keyword of “?” Now you can go a google search for happiness by typing the following into the address bar: ? happiness You can do this for IMDB,… anything. […]

Recovering my XP Key

I had misplaced my CD key and I wasn’t about to pay Microsoft for the privilege of getting my key back so I used “XP KeY ReCoVeRER AND DiSCOVErER 5.12”, XPkey.exe (findable on Kazaa). It’s a 49,152 byte long executable. I had to try about 10 “valid” keys before one worked. Many of the keys […]