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Do Not Call Complaint: Premier Health Organization

I am on the Do Not Call Registry. I’m getting more and more telemarketer calls. It’s now something like 5 per week. I just filed the following Do Not Call Registry complaint: I received an unsolicited telemarketing call at 9-3-08 11:42 am from a woman identifying herself as being from “The Premiere Health Organization” or […]

The Do Not Call Registry works

I’m working at home today. My new landline phone has been ringing off the hook all day with telemarketer calls. In the last 4 hours, I’ve gotten Comcast, MCI, the California Professional Firefighters Association (a scam if I ever heard one) and innumerable automated-dialer hangups. I’m signing up for the National Do Not Call Registry […]

Your 5 Year Notice

Update 1-27-12: You don’t need to call them every 5 years any more. They have made it a permanent registry. Every 5 years you should go to to re-register your phone number on the Do Not Call list. This will keep away most telemarketers. It takes 5 minutes and will save you countless dinnertime […]


Zetaclear is a scam. To start with, just look at the ingredients in ZetaClear Clear Nails Solution ¬†as mentioned on their website (in order of prevelance). Undecylenic Acid – Moderately effective. Available from your local Walgreens for $12 per ounce or so. It’s generally available in 10% or 25% strength. I wonder what % is […]

Carpet Cleaning Telemarketers Get Violent

I did a bad thing ;-) I got yet another telemarketing call from “The Carpet Cleaning Company”. Over the last couple years I’ve tried getting myself off their telemarketing list, starting with being on the National Do Not Call Registry. I tried “press 9 to remove yourself from our list” maybe 3 times in the […]

How to stop getting so much junk mail

Here’s how to get off junk mail lists (via) and verified by my research Stop “prescreened” offers. Companies check your credit with the big credit reporting agencies all the time. Stop these offers and all those pre-approved credit card offers etc… go to or call 1-888-567-8688. Get off telemarketers mailing lists with the federal […]