I found this document very useful. What I use most often is to make a shortcut on my system tray with a target of "%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /e,c:\". That way, it doesn't open to stupid "My Computer" -lee


Configuring Windows Explorer
Command Line Options

This page was lifted from http://cpcug.org/user/clemenzi/technical/WinExplorer/CommandLineOptions.htm.

Parameters are separated by commas. Many combinations are allowed, but only a few examples are given.

Explorer.exe c:\                Open directory as a single pain of icons

Explorer.exe /e,c:\             Explore drive as 2 lists - 

                                  directories on left & files on right

Explorer.exe /e,/root,c:\       Explore drive without showing other drives

Explorer.exe /n,/e,/select      Opens showing only drives

Explorer.exe /e,/idlist,%I,%L   From Folder\..\Explore in the registry

                                  %I - ID number

                                  %L - Long filename

Explorer.exe  /e,DriveOrDirectory

Explorer.exe  /e,/root,directory,sub-directory

Explorer.exe  /e,/root,directory,/select,sub-directory

/e List (explorer) view, Show large icons if missing (Open view)
/root Sets the top level folder.
/select Specifies that the directory should be selected without displaying its contents.
/s ????
/n Do not open the selected directory, no effect on NT
/idlist,%I Expects an ID/handle. May help with cacheing. By itself, opens the desktop as icons.
/inproc Stops display of window (I don't know why this is useful)

Windows Explorer contains 7 icons. In 95 and NT, the 3rd and 4th are different. Use

for more options.


I have not found a single reference explaining all the options. Some parameters were found by searching the registry, some are from the sources below, and a few are from browsing the executable.

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